Our Mission:
Our mission is to support organizations and charities that help alleviate hunger and address poverty issues in Milwaukee.  Our fundraising efforts and events aim to  increase awareness of these issues and the organizations that fight against them, while developing a network of people dedicated to serving their community.

Our History:

2006 Event

FeedMilwaukee is a charitable organization established with the goal of raising awareness of hunger and poverty issues in Milwaukee and supporting the organizations that work to address them.  The primary fundraiser FeedMilwaukee organizes is the annual Holiday Gala.

The Holiday Gala formally began in December of 2005.  Born of the idea to bring friends and family together to celebrate the holidays while simultaneously making an effort to give back, the idea was immediately embraced and quickly flourished.  The event started in a three bedroom flat near UWM and upon completion was able to donate $768 to the Hunger Task Force.

Within two years the event had outgrown the small flat and was moved to the South Shore Yacht Club where its reputation continued to develop.  Word spread between the family and friends of the previous year’s attendees and interest grew. Attendance grew and each year more people passed through the doors making donations, and asking how they could contribute. As the event grew logistics became more complicated but there was never a shortage of volunteers to lend their expertise.

After two years at the Yacht Club the gala had out grown the space and was moved the Harley Davidson Museum. It was at the Harley Museum that the true scale of the event was evident. The hall was packed and before the gala was even over there was talk about finding a bigger venue next year. With the venue search Turner Hall Ballroom became the top contender and in 2010 the gala moved in and made Turner its current home.  The capacity of the Ballroom seemed daunting to fill at first, but half way through the 2010 Gala the Ballroom was full of happy, generous partygoers.

The annual event now sees hundreds of attendees from all over the United States come to celebrate and support the worthy cause.  Though the event has grown enormously; the spirit of the original gala from 2006 shines through. Santa still has his traditional visit with Mrs. Claus and Rudolph. The dance floor remains packed and the donation box full. The Holiday Gala embraces the ideas that made it great while incorporating new elements to attract more guests and ultimately contribute more to the Hunger Task Force.

FeedMilwaukee is proud to support an organization that works so diligently and efficiently to address hunger and health issues in this city. To date the Holiday Gala has raised and donated over $200,000 to the Hunger Task Force and with its continued expansion fundraising goals continue to rise.

Please contact us at info@feedmilwaukee.org for more information.